Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Cherikoff Australian Ingredients Website - you're invited to drop in

It has happened as a New Year venture.

The new Cherikoff Australian Ingredients website is up and running and while there's still a bit of migrating and up-dating to do, the site if fully functional as is.

Andrew Wong from Randomblowup: Unrestrained Expression P/L did a fantastic job with the new design so pop by and drop me an email with your thoughts.

A few of the blogs appearing on these pages will soon be moved over to the News site on my home page and ultimately, this Blogger site will disappear altogether. But such is life.

I hope you will follow my future, on-going blogs from my Home page and remember to grab the RSS feed there (coming soon) or subscribe to my newsletter to get reminders of blogs, information on developments in food, my TV show, our Australian cuisine promotions and a whole lot more.