Monday, March 28, 2005

Announcing ... refills for our popular canisters of seasonings, herbs and spices

Imagine popping the o-ring sealed lid on a metal jar which fits neatly in your hand and immediately being enveloped in the mixed bouquet of aromatic rainforest herbs, pungent highland spices or full-on berry fruit notes. Using these herbs and spices takes us into the world of the French or Italian kitchen where quality, taste and disctinctiveness matter. And yet it opens up the universe of modern fusion cooking with the promise of the unifying contribution of Antipodean ingredients which produce dishes which are unquestionably, authentically Australian.

Imagine also, the convenience of being able to get these ingredients on-line in our secure, virtual store. It's easy, convenient and we get hundreds of orders from all over the world from cooks, chefs and foodies who have discovered the benefits of these impressive flavours and use them regularly.

The launch of our Australian herbs and spices as low or no salt seasonings packed in their attractive, stainless steel storage canisters a short while ago has proven a great success. The canisters themselves underwent a great deal of testing to ensure that the Australian herbs and spices were kept at their maximum levels of aromatics and the results showed that they were definitely the best storage unit available for the range. We recommend that the seasonings are stored chilled once opened to further ensure freshness and flavour impact and the refrigerator door or a high shelf where not much else fits.

Now, in order to serve our customers better, we have released refills for the canisters with the range of 6 seasonings packed in stand up pouches. They are also a great way to sample the seasonings being a cheaper purchase option but for convenience and optimum storage, we recommend you do get the canisters as they better protect the herbs and spices from oxidation. Simply refill the canisters from the pouches and hopefully re-use the pouches as convenient, waterproof envelops for any number of applications.

Be sure to visit our website which has been designed specifically for the seasonings. It gives plenty of information as to the wide culinary uses and health benefits of the herbs and spices and in combination with this blog or our opt-in, subscription e-zine, it backs up the recipes on the labels of each available variety.

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